About Amarna

The origin of the name Amarna comes from Akhenaten who became pharoah in 1353BCE in what is known today as Egypt, Akhenaten stands out from the long line of pharoahs and kings of ancient Egypt due to his interpretation of the then many gods of Egypt, by combining philosophy and theology so as to unite them both in a universal field theory, this idea was by no means new in ancient times however it was the pharoah Akhenaten who began to build a new city called Amarna, this city due to understanding of the universal fields of the universe was to be an advanced utopia for mankind.

From the beginning of time mankind has thrived and failed at various times and places throughout history, the rise and fall of peoples and civilizations is persistent throughout mans history, although there are many contributing reasons for this rise and fall cycle, the overwhelming cause has been mankind’s inability to communicate and focus on what all peoples of the world have in common, and although in the modern era in which we live now and it seems our ability to do anything is approaching the point of where there is no boundaries, many people in every country of the world, the vast majority in fact, face a painful daily struggle to survive, I am not talking about just famine and disease but individuals and families who have a nice home, one or two new cars, all the modern conveniences, more than could possibly have been imagined only several decades ago, yet these individuals and families are under immense pressure, stress, and fear that the complex system that enables them to hold it all together is fragile, regardless of how diligent or hard they work, sustaining daily life seems to be based on a gamble that is becoming more and more apparent as a greater understanding of the health of our planet emerges, we believe at Amarna that all the answers are readily available and have been for millennium, the skill to manifest everything that is needed is at its peak and contrary to popular belief is affordable, putting our needs before our wants is not a difficult thing to do, if we were to truly implement that practice we would find our wants to be very few.

Our family has a common goal of having shelter, clothing, food, and all of the necessities sourced in clean and sustainable ways, as we find as individuals we have these needs in common and are always immediate and of great importance, we structure our lives in such a way, although being individuals, make our decisions always keeping in mind the needs of the whole, the old saying “two can live cheaper than one” is a sound concept, we strive to stay out of debt and we strive to contribute to the greater community, The Amarna Project is a small family undertaking many different projects to help benefit not only ourselves but all that can, this subject is far too complex to present a full picture here, we are however releasing mid 2022 Pinnacle Point, a comprehensive book on these subjects, there will be great changes in our everyday life already manifesting in our immediate future, rather than bickering I would like to encourage everyone to start to take steps to seriously educate themselves on the condition of their community, their state, their country, the planet, and beyond, and an overview of history so as to find a starting point of what each of us as individuals can do that is in the interest of themselves and all others.

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